MTV: Archiving the History of Music Television

  MTV: Archiving the History of Music Television Jamie DiVenere, Senior Project Manager, Viacom Vault Project Johanna Salazar, Vice President of Production Planning & Operations for the Content Managment & Production Technologies Group,  Viacom Media Networks  From MTV Unplugged, Total Request Live and Beavis & Butt-head , MTV’s Vault is a music and pop culture goldmine

Automated Metadata

Automated Metadata Todd Carter, Co-Founder and CEO, Tagasauris Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta Sally Hubbard, SAH Consulting Media content managers yearn for an “easy button” that will help with the massive challenge of usefully tagging assets so they can be as discoverable and productive as possible over the course of their lifecycle. Automation technologies

Indigitization: It Takes a Community

Indigitization: It Takes a Community Gerry Lawson, Oral History and Language Lab at Vancouver Museum of Anthropology, UBC “Precious fragments” of indigenous knowledge are increasingly held captive in obsolete audio-visual media formats. The ethics, culture and practices of traditional information management have served as significant obstacles to media digitization at most small institutions. The innovative

Interview: Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin

Archive and Preservation Case Study: Building an Archive-Centric DAM Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, Executive Director for Jewish Educational Media discusses his DAS presentation on their work to build an access system for their archive of video and audio content that could handle all of their metadata needs, as well as be actively used in their research